Communities Actively Living Independent and Free (CALIF), et al. v. City of Los Angeles

September 6, 2012

The City and County of Los Angeles have experienced multiple natural disasters ranging from earthquakes, fires, and landslides; the County of L.A. has declared a state of emergency over twenty-four times since 1980. L.A.’s vulnerability to disasters highlighted the critical need to ensure that the City and County of L.A. include the safety of people … Continue reading “Communities Actively Living Independent and Free (CALIF), et al. v. City of Los Angeles” Structured Negotiations

September 6, 2012

DRA reached a settlement through structured negotiations with on behalf of the National Federation of the Blind. Under the settlement, agreed to make its website, as well as several affiliated websites, fully accessible to people with disabilities who use assistive technology to read and navigate internet websites. This was a monumental achievement for … Continue reading “ Structured Negotiations”

Chabner v. United of Omaha

August 28, 2012

DRA prevailed after many years of hard-fought litigation against United of Omaha Life Insurance Company. This case has positively altered the landscape of insurance coverage for people with disabilities in California. A U.S. District Court judge found that United discriminated against Howard Chabner, a man with muscular dystrophy, by charging him a life insurance premium … Continue reading “Chabner v. United of Omaha”

Thompson v. Sutter Health

August 28, 2012

The Sutter Health network of hospitals, medical foundations and other health care service providers has agreed to improve health care access for its patients with mobility, vision, hearing, and speech disabilities. Under the terms of the Agreement reached in 2008, Sutter has been removing architectural barriers, acquiring and installing accessible medical equipment, and reviewing and … Continue reading “Thompson v. Sutter Health”

Sterling VisionCare

August 28, 2012

DRA’s client – an individual who used a wheelchair – was denied service at a Sterling VisionCare Center because he was unable to walk from his wheelchair to the examination chair. To avoid litigation, Sterling VisionCare committed to ensure that accessible examination chairs are made available to patrons with disabilities at all of its facilities, … Continue reading “Sterling VisionCare”

Massachusetts General Hospital Structured Negotiations

August 28, 2012

In 2008, DRA and Co-counsel Greater Boston Legal Services reached a settlement through structured negotiations with Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. The hospitals agreed to make the following improvements to health care access for patients with mobility, vision, and hearing disabilities: Remove physical and programmatic barriers Provide accessible medical equipment … Continue reading “Massachusetts General Hospital Structured Negotiations”

Metzler v. Kaiser

August 7, 2012

In March of 2001, DRA and Co-counsel John Burris reached a landmark settlement with Kaiser Permanente, to improve access to health care for people with disabilities. The settlement plan has been used as a model for the health care industry on how to deliver medical care for men, women, and children with  mobility, vision, and … Continue reading “Metzler v. Kaiser”

Guzman v. Wells Fargo

July 16, 2012

It is essential that all consumers have the ability to conduct business matters with companies by phone. In order for deaf and hard of hearing consumers to communicate with companies, they must use a relay calling service that involves an interpreter who facilitates communication between the consumer and business representative. In 2009, DRA investigated complaints … Continue reading “Guzman v. Wells Fargo”