National Federation of the Blind (NFB), et al. v. Target Corporation

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As technology plays a central role in many facets of our lives from communication to purchasing goods, enrolling in classes and seeking employment, it is important now more than ever to bridge the digital divide between technology and people with disabilities.

In 2006, DRA represented the National Federation of the Blind and three blind plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Target. The lawsuit challenged Target’s inaccessible website, which prevented people who are blind and use assistive technology from using its online services.

DRA prevailed in this legal battle, which resulted in Target making its website accessible for people with a wide range of  disabilities who use assistive technologies such as screen reader software programs. Further, the case raised national awareness of website accessibility and opened up e-commerce to tens of thousands of people with disabilities nationwide.

This case established the first precedent in the country regarding website accessibility for commercial websites. The court ruled that commercial websites such as are required to be accessible under the ADA and state laws.

DRA co-counseled this case with Dan Goldstein of Brown Goldstein Levy LLP and Josh Konecky of Schneider Wallace Cottrell Brayton Konecky LLP

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