Lawsuit Against MTA Over Accessibility Attains Class-Action Status With More Than 500,000 Plaintiffs – A State Supreme Court Judge ruled this week that a lawsuit filed against the MTA on behalf of a coalition of accessibility rights advocates does, in fact, represent a class of more than 500,000 people who claim they’ve been excluded from […]


City Is Sued Over District 75 Schools For Students With Disabilities – The city’s separate schools for children with disabilities is under fire in a new civil rights class action lawsuit that alleges these schools deprive students of an equal education.

The City

Staten Island Special Education Students Sue to Join Neighborhood School Classrooms – A trio of Staten Island children with developmental disabilities is suing the city to force the city Department of Education to integrate students from their district into neighborhood school classrooms.

Why DRA Needs You

Dear DRA Supporters, Friends, Clients, and Allies, We’ve learned a lot from 2020. Change is certain. Listening is critical. The fight to protect the civil rights of people with disabilities must continue. We write to you today to ask for your support. DRA is listening deeply to the needs of our clients like Jimmy, Liz, […]

New York Times

Why the Pandemic Has Made Streets More Dangerous for Blind People – Audible crossing signals help visually impaired pedestrians. A court ordered New York City to come up with a plan to install more of the devices.