Brian Dimmick

Position: General Attorney, Office for Civil Rights Program Legal Group, Disability Rights Team at U.S. Department of Education
Past Fellows

2001-2003 Skadden Fellow

What drew you to DRA? I went to law school due to my interest in civil rights, and because I have a vision disability I was particularly drawn to the disability field. I spent a summer at DRA during law school because it had been recommended to me as a top public interest organization in the Bay Area. I was really excited by the work they were doing on behalf of people with disabilities. It was important and challenging, and it made me want to return as a fellow.

What were some of the highlights of your fellowship experience? I worked on two cases that went to trial during my fellowship. Being part of one trial team with Sid and one with Larry was an incredible experience – they’re amazing litigators and working with them was an education by itself. I had the chance to write briefs, take depositions  and examine witnesses, which gave me a level of direct trial litigation experience that few people get so early in their careers.

How did your fellowship affect what you went on to do? My fellowship focused me on disability rights. The range of experience I got and the quality of mentorship I received at DRA laid a great foundation that has really helped me in my career. Working at the American Diabetes Association, I concentrate on one specific disability instead of the range that DRA supports, but I still use the knowledge and experience I gained at DRA every day.

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