Westchester County Emergency Preparedness

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Disability Rights Advocates, Westchester Disabled on the Move, Inc., and Westchester County have reached a settlement agreement that will result in significant improvements to the County’s emergency preparedness and response programs for people with disabilities who live in, work in, or travel to the County. The agreement was reached through structured negotiations without any lawsuit being filed.  

The settlement includes the preparation of a revised Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to meet the needs of people with all types of disabilities in Westchester County. The plan covers assistance to people with disabilities who must shelter in place during emergencies, coordinating requests for disaster-related temporary housing, coordinating transportation services during disasters, handling requests for resources to meet the needs of people with disabilities, and developing accessible messaging for communicating information about emergencies. The settlement will also result in training for ADA coordinators and the Medical Reserve Corps, as well as a workshop for inclusive emergency sheltering practices, and the development of a guidance on accessible evacuation.

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