Macy’s Cases

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In one of the first cases under the ADA concerning access to business to go to trial, DRA prevailed on behalf of a class of all persons with mobility disabilities who were denied access to Macy’s flagship store at Union Square in San Francisco.

Subsequently, in Camalo v. Macy’s, a global settlement was reached resolving access barriers at all Macy’s stores in California.

The case Lieber v. Macy’s West, Inc concerned access to all of the merchandise located on display racks throughout the San Francisco Union Square Macy’s. Lieber v. Macy’s continues to set the standard for retail access throughout the nation. Judge Marilyn Patel’s Order found that Macy’s had violated the ADA and California state law by failing to provide access to merchandise for people with mobility disabilities.

The court issued an injunction that requires substantially all of the merchandise at the Union Square store to be positioned such that mobility disabled shoppers can get to the merchandise on accessible routes.

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