Guzman v. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Agrees to Accept Relay Calls from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers Status:

It is essential that all consumers have the ability to conduct business matters with companies by phone. In order for deaf and hard of hearing consumers to communicate with companies, they must use a relay calling service that involves an interpreter who facilitates communication between the consumer and business representative.

In 2009, DRA investigated complaints from deaf customers that Wells Fargo refused to accept their relay service calls. DRA approached Wells Fargo with this problem and offered solutions for how it could integrate the acceptance of relay calls into its telecommunications policies.

In January of 2011, DRA and Wells Fargo reached an agreement. Wells Fargo agreed to accept relay calls and train its staff to properly respond to these calls. It can now provide deaf and hard of hearing customers with the same level of service by phone that it provides to its hearing customers.

DRA has worked with attorneys in other parts of the country who are now using this plan as a model to improve the acceptance of relay calls by many types of businesses nationwide.

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