BART Clipper Card

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On behalf of the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired and several blind individuals, DRA demanded that BART address the access barriers that the Clipper Card system at BART stations presented to blind and low-vision passengers.  Specifically, Clipper Card readers at BART fare gates did not provide any audible feedback.  As a consequence, blind passengers could not easily determine whether to move through the gates or whether they would not be able to because of error or low-balance.  Without the need for formal litigation, BART and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (“MTC”) signed a settlement in which they agreed to improve the accessibility of the Clipper Card system at BART stations by modifying the fare gates to emit audible Tagging Tones.  In accordance with the settlement, the Tagging Tones will now communicate to blind or low-vision passengers their successful entry or exit through a fare gate, as well as any error or low-balance on their Clipper Cards.

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