Access to Health Care in New York City


Do you have a disability?

Do you face barriers at hospitals or clinics?

  • Exam rooms too small?
  • Waiting rooms are too crowded with furniture?
  • Exam tables too high?
  • Examined while still in your wheelchair?
  • MRI machines and mammograms inaccessible?
  • No accessible weight scales?
  • No ASL interpreters?
  • No information in Braille or large print?
  • Staff does not understand your disability?
  • Other barriers?

Disability Rights Advocates, a non-profit legal center, is investigating the accessibility of health care facilities in New York City.

If you have experiences with inaccessible health care facilities in New York City that you would like to share with us, please contact Disability Rights Advocates at:

Anne Kelsey
(212) 644-8644

Christine Chuang
(510) 665-8644

All communications will be kept confidential.

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