CANCELED (Press Conference, March 9, New York)

We are canceling today’s 4PM press conference because we are close to reaching a last minute settlement agreement. DRA will issue a media release with settlement details soon and appreciates your patience.

New York, NY – March 9, 2015

Who: Disability Rights Advocates (, the Law Offices of Meenan and Associates ( and the Hearing Loss Association of America (

What: A federal jury trial challenging a department-wide policy that discriminates against NYPD officers who use hearing aids will commence. Disability Rights Advocates (DRA), the Law Offices of Meenan and Associates, and the Hearing Loss Association of America will gather on the steps of the Federal Court House to challenge the department’s blanket policy that prohibits employment of any officers who use hearing aids.

The Plaintiffs, former Sergeant James Phillips and former Deputy Inspector Daniel Carione, both suffered hearing loss in the line of duty and have exemplary records in their service to the citizens of New York City both before and after their injuries.  However, the Department has chosen to end their careers as police officers based on a discriminatory, blanket policy.

Where: Steps of the Federal Court House, 40 Foley Square, New York, NY 10007

When: March 9th, 4:00PM

Why: To raise awareness about the harmful impact this NYPD policy has on the vast numbers of potential police officers with hearing impairments, including many servicemen and women who are returning from overseas deployments with combat-related hearing loss and who are choosing to dedicate their lives to law enforcement and public service.  Such blanket policies are prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the New York City Human Rights Law. 

Visuals: Photo opportunities of Hearing Loss Association members with signs supporting accommodation not discrimination, Plaintiffs, and Plaintiffs’ counsel

Interviews: Plaintiff Daniel Carione, Jerry Bergman from the Hearing Loss Association, Disability Rights Advocates, and Meenan and Associates will be available to answer media questions.