Leadership in Unprecedented Times

Head shot of DRA Board Chair Cristina Rubke
Head shot of DRA Board Chair Cristina Rubke

Dear DRA Supporters,

I’m happy to share the news that DRA’s Board of Directors voted last week to revise DRA’s three-person Managing Director structure with an Interim Executive Director role that Kate Hamilton will fill, pending placement of a permanent Executive Director. 

Kate has served the organization since 2013, first as Development and Communications Director and more recently as a Managing Director, also overseeing the organization’s operations.  Kate holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Administration and a strong commitment to ensuring people with disabilities can participate equally in society.

Michelle Caiola and Stuart Seaborn will continue as Managing Directors of Litigation leading all the organization’s, more critical now than ever, legal work out of the New York and California offices. DRA is making this shift for several reasons including:

  • The efficiency and clarity resulting from having one decision-maker during an unprecedented time in our nation’s history;
  • The need for Michelle and Stuart to focus on leading DRA’s core programs: our high-impact, class-action legal work; and
  • The importance of moving to the leadership structure (one Executive Director/CEO) that will carry DRA into the future.

See the note from Kate below about the organization-wide priorities she’ll be working on, closely with the staff and Board.

Please join me in thanking Kate for stepping into this new, interim, position.


Cristina Rubke
Board Chair, DRA


Kate Hamilton
Image: Head shot of DRA Interim Executive Director Kate Hamilton

I do not step into this Interim Executive Director role lightly.  This is an extremely difficult time for the world and for DRA.  I am deeply committed to carrying out DRA’s mission, advancing equal rights and opportunities for people with all types of disabilities nationwide, in the face of these challenges.  Working closely with the board and staff, I will focus on the following key priorities in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Hiring the right, permanent Executive Director to lead DRA into the future
  • Moving forward DRA’s justice, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • Strategic planning—figuring out how best to leverage what DRA does best (high-impact legal work on behalf of people with disabilities) to meet the current needs of the world and sustain the organization into the future

I will also continue to fundraise and oversee the organization’s operations.  This is a BIG job.  And I can’t do it alone.  I will rely on the robust DRA village of clients, staff, volunteers, donors, partners and friends.  I thank you in advance for the role you will each play in preparing DRA for whatever comes next.

Brick by brick,

Kate Hamilton
Interim Executive Director, DRA