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DRA Reflects on 23 Years with ADA

Celebrating DRA’s Achievements 

Fellow Spotlight – Haben Girma

DRA’s 20th Anniversary Gala

Larry paradis, DRA Co-Founder, Executive Director and Co-Director of Litigation

DRA Reflects on 23 Years with the ADA

Dear Friends,

Today marks the twenty-third anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), landmark legislation that has dramatically advanced the civil rights of people with disabilities throughout the Country. Because of the ADA men, women, and children with disabilities now have access to education, transportation, businesses, public services and employment opportunities which were previously unattainable. Disability Rights Advocates’ work over the last 20 years would not have been possible without the ADA. Today is a day to note the many contributions that the ADA has made to the lives of people with disabilities, and take pride in how far we have come on the road to equality.

We celebrate the ADA’s anniversary by highlighting some recent news about our work.  We give thanks to our donors, Board of Directors, co-counsel and the many remarkable disability organizations we work with.  DRA could not achieve all that we have done to improve the lives of people with disabilities without your support.



Students David Jaulus (front), Brandon King, and Tabitha Mancini were represented by DRA in settlement with U.C. Berkeley.

DRA’s Landmark Settlement with UC Berkeley

Students Win the Right to Read

DRA’s precedent-setting settlement with UC Berkeley gives college students with learning and vision disabilities access to educational materials in electronic and alternate formats that they can read to succeed in school.

Meet three UC Berkeley students who participated in the settlement as they talk about the positive impact it has made in their lives.

David Jaulus Video

Tabitha Mancini Video

Brandon King Video

Read more about DRA’s Settlement with UC Berkeley

Legislative Bill will add 2,000 Wheelchairs-Accessible Taxi Cabs in New York City

New York City’s current taxi system is less than 2% accessible for New Yorkers who use wheelchairs. In a city with limited transportation options for an estimated 170,000 people with mobility disabilities, this is a serious problem. Thanks to DRA’s negotiations, New York state law just approved the sale of 2000 additional taxi medallions which will all be for accessible vehicles—a major achievement for New Yorkers on the move.

Read about DRA’s other transportation access work in New York

Haben Girma, a Harvard Law School graduate will begin her fellowship at DRA this fall as DRA’s Skadden Fellow.

DRA Trains the Next Generation of Public Interest Attorneys

Fellow Spotlight – Haben Girma

DRA has hosted 33 two-year legal fellows in our 20-year history. Almost all have gone on to flourish in public service and public interest legal careers.  We will soon welcome a new fellow, Haben Girma to our offices.

Haben Girma, a Harvard Law School graduate, will begin her fellowship at DRA this fall as DRA’s Skadden Fellow. Ms. Girma is the first deaf/blind student to attend Harvard Law School. Her fellowship at DRA will focus on making educational materials accessible for college students with disabilities who require materials in electronic and other alternative formats.

Haben was recently featured in an article in the Harvard Law Bulletin. Read the article


Want to learn more about how you can support a fellow like Haben and ensure DRA’s important work continues?

Join DRA for our 20th Anniversary Gala on October 23rd, 2013 as a sponsor or guest