DRA Strategic Plan Goals

Between October 2021 and December 2025 DRA will work to increase our diversity, impact, capacity-building, financial stability and internal strength through the following goals and objectives.


DRA’s board, staff, clients, vendors, and consultants are representative of the richly diverse populations we serve.


DRA expands its impact—particularly to people with disabilities who self-identify as BIPOC and client organizations who are run by and for BIPOC communities.


DRA builds the capacity of the disability and legal communities—so that DRA’s impact can be amplified through inclusion and empowerment.

Financial Stability

DRA’s financial operational needs are met annually thanks to diverse and steady revenue streams and a balanced budget.

Internal Strength

DRA exhibits a strong, healthy internal culture where staff and board are equipped with tools, training, and opportunities to fulfil their unique roles in serving DRA’s mission.