National Federation of the Blind (NFB), et al. v. Ridecharge

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On behalf of several blind individuals and NFB, DRA and co-counsel at LaBarre Law Offices, TRE Legal Practice, and the Law Offices of Anthony Goldsmith, filed a lawsuit against RideCharge and its related companies challenging the illegal barriers that its “Taxi Magic” point-of-sale terminals presented to blind and low-vision taxi riders in the greater Los Angeles Area.  Despite readily available technology that allows self-service terminals to be independently operable by blind persons, RideCharge’s self-service point-of-sale terminals were inaccessible to blind riders.  RideCharge’s terminals utilized an entirely visual touchscreen interface, without any accessibility features for blind riders.  These inaccessible terminals allowed sighted passengers to privately and independently review trip and fare information, pay fares, and determine tip amounts without interacting with the driver.   Shortly after Plaintiffs filed their complaint, RideCharge and all parties entered into a settlement in which RideCharge agreed to install an accessible, nonvisual user interface in all of its existing and future self-service point-of-sale terminals.

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