Barden v. Sacramento

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This case set a nationwide precedent requiring cities and other public entities to make all public sidewalks accessible to people with mobility and vision disabilities. The court ruled that public entities must address barriers such as missing or unsafe curb cuts throughout the public sidewalk system, as well as barriers that block access along the length of the sidewalks. Following the court victory, the parties reached a settlement addressing all sidewalk barrier issues City-wide.

The settlement approved by the court in January of 2004 provides that for up to 30 years, the City of Sacramento will allocate 20% of its annual Transportation Fund to make the City’s Pedestrian Rights of Way accessible to individuals with vision and/or mobility disabilities. This will include installation of compliant curb ramps at intersections, removal of barriers that obstruct the sidewalk, including narrow pathways, abrupt changes in level, excessive cross slopes, and overhanging obstructions, and improvements in crosswalk access.

The City needs to hear that barrier removal is important to you. The settlement gives the highest priority to requests from individuals to fix specific barriers. If there is a barrier that you want fixed, please contact:

Rocky A. Burks
ADA Coordinator for the Public Works Department, City of Sacramento
(916) 808-5521(Phone)
(916) 808-8357(Fax)

DRA is monitoring compliance by Sacramento with the settlement.

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