DRA Partner Highlight: Bank of America

Bank of America logo
Bank of America logo

In 2022, volunteers from Bank of America joined DRA in researching court decisions awarding attorneys’ fees in civil rights cases in New York federal courts in support of an effort to advocate for higher fee awards for civil rights attorneys. Their research will be used to ensure that DRA attorneys, as well as other attorneys who represent civil rights plaintiffs in New York City, will be fairly compensated for their work.

“Bank of America’s Legal Department has a very active pro bono program, supporting the legal needs of diverse groups and communities across the country. I was proud to coordinate the pro bono fee research project with DRA and was thrilled with the response from my legal colleagues. We all hope and expect that our contributions will help level the playing field for attorneys’ fee awards and increase the ability of civil rights organizations like DRA to continue and expand their great work.” -Brian Frumkin, DRA board member and Associate General Counsel & SVP at Bank of America

“I am thankful I had the opportunity to participate in the DRA’s fee project which is attempting to close the gap for the award of hourly rates in civil rights lawsuits. I hope I was able to play a small role in helping the DRA and other similar organizations with the great work that is being completed to further advance the rights of people with disabilities.” -Wendy McKnight, Assistant General Counsel & VP at Bank of America

“DRA greatly appreciates our pro bono partnership with Bank of America. The research contributions of their legal team will help DRA continue to uphold and advance the rights of people with disabilities through high-impact litigation.” -Rebecca Rodgers, DRA Managing Attorney