Arielle Pollock

Position: Litigation Assistant

Arielle Pollock joined Disability Rights Advocates in December 2018 as a Litigation Assistant. She is a recent graduate of U.C. Berkeley, where she minored in Disability Studies and received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology with honors. She holds over ten years of experience working with non-profits and corporations that promote inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

After graduating Cal, Ms. Pollock worked as an Accessibility and Inclusion Project Manager at Oath (formerly Yahoo!). She was heavily involved in the creation of the Disability Collection, a partnership between Oath, the National Disability Leadership Alliance, and Getty Images, to create a stock imagery collection that breaks stereotypes and more authentically portrays people with disabilities in everyday life. Ms. Pollock also managed and executed numerous accessibility and inclusion trainings for employees and external guests in Oath’s Accessibility Lab. Holding a familial connection to disability, Ms. Pollock has always had a deep-rooted passion to change barriers that exist in society.

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