Emergency Preparedness Investigation


Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) is conducting an investigation into the accessibility of emergency preparedness in your city. Specifically, we are interested in hearing about issues such as information from your city or town regarding emergency planning for persons with disabilities, adequate emergency warnings for persons with visual and hearing impairments, availability of accessible shelters, plans for evacuation and any other issues that arise.

Recent disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, proved that persons with disabilities were disproportionately affected by the lack of emergency preparedness and DRA believes now is the time to assess our own emergency preparedness for persons with disabilities.

Recommended Steps to Ensure Accessible Emergency Preparedness

Please review DRA’s partial listing of recommended steps to ensure accessible emergency preparedness. These are some of the steps we believe are necessary to create accessible emergency preparedness. If you have any questions or further suggestions, please contact us below:

DRA Emergency Preparedness Investigation

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