National Federation of the Blind of California, et al. v. Uber Technologies, Inc., et al.

Click here for case documents Guide-Dog Users Combat Discrimination by Uber Last Updated July 15th, 2016 Date Settled: 04/30/2016 Status:

DRA has reached an unprecedented settlement with Uber in its case fighting discrimination against blind people who use guide dogs in Uber’s transportation services.

Judge Nathanael Cousins granted final approval of the settlement on December 6, 2016. Class members can review the settlement and related documents below.

This lawsuit was brought to ensure that the blind community has reliable access to Uber’s transportation services. Uber provides convenient, on-demand rides to consumers throughout the United States. However, blind customers traveling with service animals have been denied rides and discriminated against by drivers in the Uber network. The transportation services industry is experiencing significant growth and change, and blind individuals who use guide dogs cannot be excluded from the benefits of the new transportation landscape. This settlement agreement is an important step in ensuring equal access to transportation for blind passengers with service animals.

Under the terms of the agreement, Uber will take proactive steps to fight discrimination against blind individuals with guide dogs in its system. Uber will improve driver education about service animal laws and will remove discriminatory drivers from the Uber platform. Uber will track and respond to reports of discrimination more effectively. The NFB and its affiliate will deploy blind riders with guide dogs to test for compliance, and an independent monitor will review Uber’s compliance with the agreement. These improvements will enhance the reliability and usability of Uber’s extensive transportation network for blind and visually-disabled people across the country.

DRA represents the National Federal of the Blind (NFB), its California affiliate, and several blind individuals who use guide dogs, along with co-counsel TRE Legal and Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld.

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