BART Elevator and Wheelchair Access

Last Updated May 12th, 2016 Status:

Disability Rights Advocates (“DRA”) and the Legal Aid Society – Employment Law Center (“LAS-ELC”) are investigating a variety of complaints about the accessibility of Bay Area Rapid Transit (“BART”) stations, including complaints about the duration and frequency of elevator service outages, complaints about the cleanliness of station elevators, complaints about a lack of signage identifying accessible routes, and complaints about broken accessible fare gates.  We are interested in learning about the experiences, both positive and negative, of people with mobility disabilities who use BART.

If you have a mobility disability and use BART, or if you are deterred from using BART because of accessibility concerns, we would love to hear from you.  To share your experiences, please contact:

Sean Betouliere
(510) 665-8644


Jinny Kim
(415) 864-8848 Ext. 269

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